Smart Office in the Coworking Space

Rent an equipped office for 4 seats in the main building of the tech part. Don’t bother with little things: the office will be furnished and wireless internet. Also, you will get access to a mini-kitchen and even auditorium and conference-room.

Inside the Smart Office

Light furniture

4 workplaces

Lockable drawers

  • Carefree office

    The smart office already has equipped workplaces: there is a table with drawers and a chair for 4 people. Start working on the date of the move and forget office routine.

  • Larger rooms in the business centre

    The coworking space has free Wi-Fi, a printer with a scanner and a mini-kitchen with potable water. Also, it has fresh air and controllable climate.

  • It’s not the metres than make you happy

    Network with your peers in the coworking space and get exclusive invitations for when delegations visit the tech park.

  • Be visible

    Locate your company’s logo in the façade of K10 building and share your achievements with the tech park team. We will make sure to make your success known.

Coworking advantages


Recreation area with a kitchen

Printer with a scanner

Terms of lease

RUB 28,000 per month

24-hour access

Printer with a scanner
Mini-kitchen with potable water

4 workplaces

Conference-hall – 2 times per month 3 hours each
Conference-room 1 hour per day
Auditorium 1 time per week for 3 hours

Place for the company’s logo reserved in K10 building facade
Place for the stand in the hall of K10 building

The coworking space is located at 111D (bldg. 10), shosse Kosmonavtov, Perm.

Mariya Lenkevich 

Specialist on the Resident Relations and Coworking Space